WordPress Essentials – Good To Know

Now a days wordpress comes with with many in built features and options, but still we want to improve our website and make it more interactive and attractive. So basically here I’m going to explain about wordpress features , useful plugins and many other things.

WordPress Now A Days

So friends as many of you already know that wordpress come with blogging feature and as per requirement and peoples support wordpress improve it self and now we can use it in blogging , portals , eCommerce and many other type of webstes.

Where we are in wordpress

Popularity of WordPress

WordPress is the most used and popular website management system with more than 60 million websites as of April 2018

As per above message we can understand that wordpress growing it’s self rapidly and fast.

My personal opinion is that wordpress is best solution for every one in terms of setup , management , content population , layout configuration.

To Do’s and Not To Do’s

This is most important thing in wordpress to know about what do to and what no to do.

Like –

  1. Update your password on regularly once in 2 month or as per your convenience.
  2. Ready carefully about plugin before installation and activation.
  3. Do not use cracked version on plugins and theme.
  4. Never try to bypass any process.
  5. Backup website before wordpress version update.
  6. Keep plugins and theme updated.
  7. Make sure use only those plugin which is required and without that you can not achieve major functionality.
  8. To improve website performance disable post revisions or make it upto 3-5 define(‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, 3) or define(‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, false);
  9. Disable comment if they are not useful for you or don’t want to show on website.
  10. Optimise database on regular basis.
  11. Remove unused media files.
  12. Remove unused plugins and themes.
  13. Try to use plugin or themes from authenticated sites or from wordpress.org portal.

Essentials for improvement

For better security , performance we can user wordpress Jetpack plugin. This plugin have paid and free version and it’s connect over website with wordpress.com.

Jetpack provide many user features like lazy loading , load more blog posts , related posts , social sharing and many more.

Site Kit By Google This plugin provide one stop solution to use everything google has to offer to make theme successfuly on the web like google analytics , google tag manager , google search console , google AdSense etc..

Final Thought

Above shared information is my personal observation and findings about wordpress it many be vary with others.

But I’m sure after analysing WordPress we are on same platform.

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